A description of an allergy as an abnormal reaction to ordinarily harmless substance or substances

Examples of spray decongestants are oxymetazoline Afrin and phenylephrine Vicks Sinex.

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Serevent and Alupent are inhaled and theophylline is taken orally. Medication When avoidance or control of an allergen isn't possible, medications may be necessary. If so, what precautions can I take? Fortunately, the tendency to have such serious reactions is rare.

Allergic reaction pathophysiology

Typically, the treatment begins with injections of a weal solution of allergen given one to five times a week, with the strength gradually increasing. Use a dehumidifier. Bronchodilators increase the diameter of the air passages and ease the flow to and from the lungs. It usually takes about three to four years for the patient to be free of symptoms. Are foods causing the allergies? When an allergen is absorbed into the body it triggers white blood cells to produce IgE antibodies. If not treated promptly and properly, anaphylaxis can result in death. The inhaled corticosteroids include fluticasone Flovent , budesonide Pulmicort , flunisolide AeroBid , triamcinolone Azmacort and beclomethasone Beclovent and Vaceril. Remove carpets and upholstered furniture drastic measure. New to the market, and available by prescription only, is an antihistamine nasal spray called azelastine Astelin. Like the prick method, a hive will appear indicating an allergic reaction.

If the patient is allergic, the skin will become red and peel. Common allergy medications are: Decongestants: administered via spray or orally to unclog nasal passages.

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Their immune system fights the allergen when it comes in contact with it even though the allergen isn"t harmful. Longer-acting antihistamines cause less drowsiness, can be equally effective, and usually do not interfere with learning.

The patch test can be used to look for substances that might be causing contact dermatitis.

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