A young and beautiful death

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However, the family did something that silenced my concerns and fears. Here are some things you could leave, in that vault with your lawyer, with clear instructions as to when they should be delivered and to whom. They immediately swarmed around the bed, touching her and praying aloud.

For some, it may mean being at home and in their own beds when they pass away. There was a time when I was sure I would die like him, at the age of 20, after creating a masterpiece to rival his, and was sure my death would be mourned as sorely.

Death is beautiful than life

The train was parked on a siding, not due to leave till sunrise, but I needed to sleep somewhere. If possible, meet them for coffee or a meal. This post is about how to die well. Make the debt list It was not till my father passed away that we learned about his secret life as a roadside philanthrope. Your Living Will, in contrast, is probably best left with a brother, a sister, son, daughter or a close relative, someone more likely to be at your bedside in a medical crisis. Then came an oddly difficult and, yet, easy task for me to do. We struggled to keep her physical body alive so they could gather together and say their goodbyes. Surely all but the most prosaic of men, if given the choice at the start of life, would do the same. I kept thinking about my own mother as I reflected on the whole concept and how I would want our family present at the bedside and praying during her passing. Isabelle tries to resuscitate him, then leaves.

Without flinching, he chose the latter. Revise your will every year, if you can, or every time your possessions increase, as when you buy a country house.

Though he was not a moneyed man, he apparently helped out many ordinary people with small loans.

Finding beauty in death

He planned every detail, including the crematorium one near our house. It means that you have no unfinished business that someone else will have to sort out. A stroke or a disease such as Alzheimers or a stroke in later years could do the same, leaving you unable to communicate at best and comatose and in a persistent vegetative state at worst? Article continues after advertisement. After Isabelle quits prostitution she lives a normal teenage life and works as a babysitter. Maintain a living list of all your debts, owing and owed to. To this day, my eyes tear up when I see her name on my Facebook friends list, looking as though she was alive and well. After seeing a report about students making money as prostitutes she set up a website, bought a second phone and went into business. Gifts and a message for your grandchildren when they enter teenage, finish school, and join college. She was unmarried, and had left no instructions. But leaving life is about letting go. Among your options, which you can set up while you are alive and well, are deleting your account entirely, leaving decisions to your Legacy Contact, and setting up a remembrance page where people may do exactly that — share stories about what a regular guy or gal you were.

Have it printed, gift-wrapped, and stored in the vault.

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