Account of the life of vincent van gogh

Account of the life of vincent van gogh

She became his companion, mistress and model. In Goupil's transferred Vincent to London, and two years later they moved him to Paris, where he lost all ambition to become an art dealer. He was relatively successful as an art dealer and stayed with the firm for almost a decade. There he got to know Anthon van Rappard, who was to be his most important artist friend during his Dutch period.

The supply of models dried up, however, when the local priest forbade his parishioners to pose for the vicar's son. To show support for his impoverished congregation, he gave up his comfortable lodgings at a bakery to a homeless person, and moved to a small hut where he slept on straw.

While living in southern Belgium as a poor preacher, he gave away his possessions to the local coal-miners until the church dismissed him because of his overly enthusiastic commitment to his faith. In the spring he painted numerous scenes of fruit trees in blossom, and in the summer the yellow wheat fields.

He avidly documented his surroundings in Auvers, averaging roughly a painting a day over the last months of his life.

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Van Gogh’s Life,