An analysis of the issue of euthanasia in the united states of america

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The second contends that euthanasia and pas, which originally would be regulated as a last-resort option in only very select situations, could, over time, become less of a last resort and be sought more quickly, even becoming a first choice in some cases.

Establishing specialized health services for professional consultation in euthanasia: experiences in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Also, he pointed out that it was comforting to be able to consider the options offered by the Oregon Act and would not deny that right to others Canada In February , after six years of debate in the Supreme Court, with the cases of patients Kay Carter and Gloria Taylor, Canada suspended the ban on euthanasia and assisted suicide 4 , 20 - In the United States, the states of Oregon and Washington legalized pas in and respectively, but euthanasia remains illegal 3. The act is secured by rights of privacy and dignity established by the constitution, and the doctors who assist are also protected by law 3 , 14 , Legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide therefore places many people at risk, affects the values of society over time, and does not provide controls and safeguards. In one case, a counsellor who provided advice to a non-terminally ill person on how to commit suicide was acquitted The laws and criteria adopted for the purposes of this practice differ in each country. Montana becomes third u. In Belgium, some critical care specialists have opted to ignore the requirement that, in the case of non-terminally-ill patients, an interval of 1 month is required from the time of a first request until the time that euthanasia is performed.

A list with these publications is presented at the end in Appendix 1. Since the law was passed in until the end of1, people received the prescription of lethal medication, and of those, died after self-administration.

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To date, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg have legalized euthanasia 12. The counterargument is that the legal requirement of explicit written consent is important if abuse and misuse are to be avoided. Department of Health. A recent Oregon-based study demonstrated that some depressed patients are slipping through the cracks Jerry Brown signs doctor-assisted death bill.

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In4, cases were reported, and Non-voluntary euthanasia is now being justified by appealing to the social duty of citizens and the ethical pillar of beneficence.

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Euthanasia and assisted suicide in western countries: a systematic review