An introduction to the importance of human rights in serbia and albania

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Appeals of their decisions go to one of the misdemeanor chambers that exist throughout Serbia. Ethnic Albanian civilians have taken part in much of the burning and looting of Serb and Roma property, and, in a few instances, in violent attacks on their neighbors.

A second Breath for the Self-D The controversy in the Guidance for Recognition document promoted insecurity since none of the parties in question was clear for its status within Serbia that was recognised as constituent part of the Yugoslav Federation.


Another related motivation for the abuse is to drive members of these minority groups out of Kosovo. Derek Hall notes that the ruggedness, remoteness and isolation of Albanian lands has created significant dialectal disparities Others have taken shelter in Serb areas of major towns, including approximately 3, in the northern part of the town of Orahovac, and several thousand in the section of Kosovo Mitrovica north of the Ibar river.

The EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn stated on October 10, that Serbia's progress towards Europe would depend on the degree in which it respects the rights of the minorities.

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They also interviewed the relative of a woman from Kosovo Mitrovica who had been raped on June 20 by six men in KLA uniforms.

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Human Rights Watch: Abuses Against Serbs And Roma In The New Kosovo (August )