Analysis of zita by arturo rotor

Characters in the story zita-arturo b rotor?

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Reteches complicated character, and how lovelorn and tragic he thinks of himself is. Going back to the scene where Zita tells her father of her encounter with Mr. Reteche and eventually falls in love with him. Reteche she is the daughter of Don Eleodoro, she has the same characteristics and the same name of the girl that Mr. The story had a deep meaning in it, for the two parts where the characters tore letters were crucial elements of the story. Moths are not supposed to know; they only come to the light. As Zita strived hard to please her teacher and wonder more about him, she found herself falling for him. Reteche II. It was said that Mr. Don Eleodoro- father of zita who who ask for Mr. After all, it was the imagination of the genius, Arturo B. Hurt, she quickly tears up the letter, only to try to piece it all back together, crying as a great understanding dawns upon her. Reteche, when they saw each other, you can see in there eyes that they are happy. Reteche doesn't show any affection towards her.

Hurt, she quickly tears up the letter, only to try to piece it all back together, crying as a great understanding dawns upon her.

Over the course of several weeks, the villagers notice a change in Mr.

Analysis of zita by arturo rotor

Reteche saying that she would understand She tore the paper but later on realized to put the pieces and a great understanding had come to her. He even asked Zita if Zita is really her name and not some made up one.

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Reteche was her lover. It was said that Mr. Reteche temporarily in his house and Zita, a young woman, daughter of Don Eliodoro, who becomes a student of Mr. For that is Anayat in the crepuscule, purple and mellow, sparkling and warm and effulgent when there is a moon, cool and heady and sensuous when there is no moon. This event takes place after the speaker narrates the scene where Francisco B. Upon realizing the symbolism of this scene in the story, I have a better grasp of Mr. Zitas lessons on how-to-become-a-lady seem to progress over time as well evident in a party scene where acts in the right way. Zita arrived to there house and she remember the things that Mr. Its main characters are Mr. But he tore the letter into pieces.

Anayat Anayat is a wonderful and peaceful place The sky hangs over Anayat, in the middle of the Anayat Sea, like an inverted wineglass, a glass whose wine had been spilled, a purple wine of which Anayat was the last precious drop.

It took place in a province as Mr.

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Rotor Literary Elements I. Reteche, guided by the signs throughout the text.

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Reteche is troubled by Zitas presence in the class. Reteches loner-type attitude , the reader discovers that the main female character of the story has fallen in love with her teacher. Zita becomes fond of her gloomy teacher and soon grew keen and observant with his actions. As days past, his strange character became evident to the people of Anayat, they started talking about him anywhere. At the same time, she continues to learn from him, evident in her taking notes with the difficult vocabulary he speaks with. Surprisingly, he tore the unopened envelope as he thought he had forgotten everything that change the whole evening. She opened the window and sees Mr. Reteche actually is. Characters in the story zita-arturo b rotor? Reteche and Zita both share a past relationship wherein the latter had an amnesia as she had forgotten that Mr.
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