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Inthey entered five new markets and use ecommerce across twenty-three markets Hm, ; Pratap, The trendiest items are produced in these proximity markets, as they require the fastest turnaround times Hansen, Employees are educated to identify and respond to customer trends and therefore they are able to improve their customer service efficiency by providing their consumers with what they want Hansen, This product diversity also forms part of their corporate level strategy of related diversification, whereby they offer products that are still related to the fashion industry Louw and Venter, ; Pratap, And lastly, the operational level focuses on delivering the business and corporate level strategies throughout the functional components of the organisation Louw and Venter, An important aspect of their differentiation strategy is that stock is limited, and rather than replace sold out styles, they provide new looks, and by doing so, they create artificial scarcity which leads to a high demand with their consumers Loeb, Additionally, focusing operations around their Spanish headquarters is more costly than producing in low-cost Asian countries Harbott, Sitemap Free grade 1 learning games Encourage your child's love of learning while they're just starting with Funbrain's online educational games and books online.

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They use this as a differentiation strategy at the business level but also incorporate it throughout their operational level activities. Two additional technological advances that assist with customer service efficiency is the recent introduction of self-checkouts and interactive fitting rooms Inditex, How they are able to do this, is through their operational level strategies of having operations close to home and by having a highly responsive supply chain to consumer demands Petro, ; Loeb,

differentiation strategies in the fashion industry
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Broad Differentiation