Claddagh rings

While these rings celebrate Irish traditions, their beautiful and timeless design means they look fabulous in the modern age.

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We make the traditionally styled Claddagh, in sterling silver, gold or platinum. The circle of life, if you will. He created the Claddagh ring to honour his everlasting love and presented it to her as a marriage ring. How to wear a Claddagh Ring So how to wear your Claddagh ring? Religion As you might expect in a country so closely linked to Christianity, the Claddagh also carries religious meaning for some insofar as it is linked with God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost, also known as the Holy Trinity. Jones says: The clasped hands [style ring] Claddagh Village, Galway. The ring can be worn on different fingers or hands, depending on status. Joyce toiled away for fourteen-years under the tutelage of his master.

Claddagh rings are a beautiful symbol of love and affection for another. Richard returned to Galway and was delighted to find his beloved waiting for him; it is not known whether he was released or escaped.

In your case, I might suggest wearing on your left hand with the base of the heart pointing towards the hand.

Claddagh rings

Jones says: The clasped hands [style ring] During his time with the Moors he forged a ring as a symbol of his love for her. During this time he was to become an expert craftsman. When the ring is on the left hand ring finger and facing inward toward the body, it generally means that the person wearing the ring is married. If that wasn't enough, check out our range of faux gemstone Claddagh rings available in a wide variety of colours and styles. Claddagh Village, Galway. One fine day, an eagle dropped a ring that fell right into her lap! I hope you and your son are doing ok!

The Claddagh is a tiny old fishing village located outside of Galway City in an area where the famous Corrib River opens out into the Atlantic. Traditionally, if the ring is on the right hand with the heart facing outward and away from the body, this indicates that the person wearing the ring is not in any serious relationship, and may in fact be single and looking for a relationship: "their heart is open.

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The tradition of a mother gifting the ring to her daughter still lives on, but has also been expanded, and today, this ring is used as a friendship ring, a promise ring and the motif has even been incorporated into wedding bands.

While on his way to the West Indies around he was captured and sold to slavery. To convince her father his feelings were genuine and he had no intentions of "using" the girl, he designed a ring with hands representing friendship, a crown representing loyalty, and a heart representing love.

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I hope I find you all well this week. He created the Claddagh ring to honour his everlasting love and presented it to her as a marriage ring. I wear it on my left ring finger along with a wedding band to represent our infinite love but should the point of the heart be facing my hand and heart or turned away from me? Coming from an Irish person, I think wearing this ring for him is a beautiful gesture whatever way you choose to wear it. Your chosen birthstone forms the sparkling heart of these beautifully crafted Claddagh earrings and matching the Claddagh pendant. Hallmarked at Dublin Castle. So it is indeed likely the origins of the Claddagh ring design can be attributed to Joyce. The Story of The Claddagh Ring There are many myths and legends surrounding the Claddagh ring but my favorite is certainly the most romantic. A crown tops the heart. How to wear a Claddagh Ring So how to wear your Claddagh ring? However his ship was captured and he was sold as a slave to a Moorish goldsmith. The origins of the ring come from a humble Galway fishing village but it is now one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry in the world as men and women from dozens of nations eagerly look for the ideal ring to suit their status. History of the Calddagh The Claddagh ring is associated with fidelity, love and romance in Irish culture and unsurprisingly, one of the main legends of the ring comes from a classic love story although there are several different tales attributed to it.

So no prizes for guessing what comes top of the list when it comes to Celtic jewelry here at The Irish Store?

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All You Need to Know About Irish Claddagh Rings