Concept of blasphemy in islam

As a result, Bangladeshi police detained Rahman and confiscated copies of Prothom Alo in which the cartoon appeared.

As such, undermining the religious foundations was seen as undermining the foundations of the society, possibly leading to treason and war. So for the sake of the Maslaha, or public interest, it was acceptable to not apply such punishments. The freedom to speak freely, without censure, is a fundamental human right that should be guaranteed to citizens of every just state.

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Every time there came to a people their Messenger, they treated him as a liar. That may sound like a foreign concept to secular ears.

As it was explained to this author by a mufti, or specialist in issuing religious edicts, Muslim society was historically centred around religion and organised society around it.

This is deemed to be immoral, and this restriction also covers blasphemy under its umbrella. Indeed, there have been many recent instances in Pakistan which manifest the extremism that has been supported by this law. Police investigations revealed that she had not burned anything.

Seeing people being beaten and murdered for the crime of blasphemy has left a deep impact upon the Western World. Other sayings of this type criticized mechanical performance of ritual, made light of the punishments of hell, and, in general, made claims of great audacity.

In fact, a key aspect of the ideology and the claims of extremists is that their understanding of Islam is the only sound or correct understanding of Islam or Islamic rulings.

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As for the incident with Kab bin Ahsraf, al-Awlaki tries to assert that there is no other reading of the incident that should be considered as reasonable.

All it demonstrates is that there are diverse views about what appears to be, at first sight, an obvious and apparent consensus.

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Islam and blasphemy