Disadvantages during pregnancy essay

In the United States, teen pregnancies are the highest when compared to other developed countries.

Disadvantages during pregnancy essay

The children of mothers who reported multiple stressful events during pregnancy are more likely to develop behavioural problems throughout childhood. These research findings and perspectives also imply that by increasing the risk of child abuse and neglect, unintended pregnancy may increase the pressures on the child welfare system, including juvenile courts, the foster care system, and related social service agencies. Another method to estimate the impact of unintended conception on infant mortality is to infer decreases in unintended pregnancies from changes in the characteristics of women giving birth. Later complications that have been investigated include possible negative effects on subsequent pregnancy outcomes, particularly low birthweight, midtrimester spontaneous abortion, and premature delivery. The incidence of sudden infant death syndrome is higher among infants of adolescents, and these infants also experience higher rates of illness and injuries Morris et al. If, on the other hand, the ill effect is merely associated with mistimed pregnancy, it is more likely that changing the timing of pregnancy would not affect the risk of the ill effect occurring. London: The Stationery Office; It varies all across the U. Rates of Complications To assess the frequency with which the well-documented complications of abortion occur, between and the Centers for Disease Control and the Population Council conducted the Joint Program for the Study of Abortion in three waves: —, —, and —

It is believed that Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders occur more frequently in older women because of their longer exposure to such environmental risks as X-rays and certain drugs. Some ways to reduce stress include utilising social support, either by spending time with friends or accepting help from those around you to relieve the stress of daily activities.

Disadvantages of teenage pregnancy essay

Teenage pregnancy can be dificult and life changing, but unlike the renowned negative beliefs all over the world, there are positive sides to teenage pregnancy. Childbearing at Older Ages: Socioeconomic and Medical Issues Unfortunately, few data are available to help provide an understanding of the socioeconomic consequences to parents or children of childbearing late in life, and the consequences may well differ by parity. Such a statistical exercise helps in understanding the consequences of current demographic patterns of unintended pregnancy and subsequent childbearing. First, whatever the risks associated with legal abortion in the United States, it remains a far less risky medical procedure for the woman than childbirth; over the — interval, for example, the mortality associated with childbirth was more than 10 times that of induced abortion Council on Scientific Affairs, American Medical Association, Bonnyville Healthy Babies Program. Am Sociol Rev. This needs to directly include recipients in the planning, conduct and monitoring of services. They may also be at greater risk of experiencing domestic violence. For some risks, such as low birthweight, an independent effect of planning status cannot be established. The approach involves active patient participation, individualized management plans, and a commitment to educational needs addressing both medical and psychosocial issues. The discussion surrounding sex education will focus not only on current research findings, but also on the truth of the research that has produced different and often conflicting results.

Women with mistimed or unwanted conceptions are about 30 percent more likely to smoke than are women with intended conceptions DePersio et al.

The health and social risks associated with a mistimed conception are similar to those associated with an unwanted conception, although they are not as great.

essay on pregnancy care

While most teen pregnancies are unplanned, even a planned pregnancy has risks and potential complications. These children also show more behavioral and emotional problems while growing up, as reported by parents and teachers Thomson et al.

Influence of maternal distress during pregnancy on postnatal development.

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Medical Care During Pregnancy (for Parents)