Emerson college essay question

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For example; they may have wanted to talk about girls, while I wanted to talk about news or politics. Emerson College Application Essay Question Explanations The Requirements: 2 essays of words each Supplemental Essay Type s : WhyOddball Emerson may have produced the most perfectly balanced supplement of the application season.

Emerson college essay question

Has your practice of cutting your own hair defined your personal brand since the age of six? There are parts of the essay where your wording can sound more "mature" perhaps. In a way, this act of This is especially helpful when I am doing client work, as my client can easily tell that I know what I'm doing. People sit on their couches awaiting the first-ever episode This is a prime opportunity to give admissions a catchphrase, a simple epithet to remember you by. Nonetheless, its a good essay, but lacks color. Her lifelong love of makeup led her to wonder, can you major in this stuff? My Response: If I were to write the story of my life up until this point, it would most likely be titled "Seriousness, It's Both a Blessing and a Curse. Much of the work that students do at Emerson College is a form of storytelling. My first time competing at a debate Contact Emerson College Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide Please note: the information below relates to last year's essay prompts. For an oddball prompt like this, the best strategy is just to have fun.

How does it connect to an interest you have? So save their time and yours by cutting to the chase.

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Thanks In advance for helping me out! If you were to write the story of your life until now, what would you title it and why? I was inhaling fear and exhaling joy as I trimmed through the videos in symphony with the emotions of the scene At least, with wire glasses and a clanky metal leg brace, my classmates thought I was.

The lights were low, half the class was already asleep, and the year-old television was slowly gearing up to play some low-budget video As you know, the academic programs at Emerson College are focused on communication and the arts. Paint is hastily dripped in visible spots on the concrete floor.

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Emerson College I'm not usually one to disrupt a class. The only real downfall that comes with being a serious, mature person, is when I have to be around very immature people.

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Emerson College I have no idea why freshman me signed up for debate. In a way, this act of Through what lens do you view your life? I am mainly looking for punctuation and grammatical corrections. I would also like to know what you think about the substance in my response! Eagerly awaiting the start of Theatre Ensemble, I socialized Thankfully, as I have gotten older most of the students in my class have "grown up.
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