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Satellite has greater advantages by being digitally broadcasted. Programs that are informative and teach them easily are also available in such channels.

Advantages of watching tv for child

You can see people going out of routines or postponing schedules if they become addict to watching television. For people who work the whole day, Television is a big stress buster. We all have personal experience with television that persuades us to believe it is valuable or not. It is a vital source of information and helps to shape our lives in many ways. Its Advantages And Disadvantages Bmm Assignment words - 8 pages considered a vast media for communication. In the end, television plays a very important role as a tool for broadcasting information to masses. Though television played a vital role in carrying news and information across the world, after the advent of computers and internet, it has considerably lost its importance in the society. Television advantages and disadvantages — Short Essay Communication is a vital need for the whole world till date. Watching various channels, fun programs and songs would give them great relief.

Television carries the news from one corner of the world to another at the same time it carries so many unwanted programs. It keeps us posted with the latest political, social and cultural developments in the world.

While exercising, television can distract you from what you're doing and therefore enable you to last longer on the treadmill there's a good reason why so many gyms have televisions, after all!

Once thought to be just a passing phase through a quickly advancing society, but now a common innovation in every household.

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Through the eyes of some, these reasons alone outweigh the negative aspects of television. What if she went through her entire childhood without watching a single show: How would her intelligence be affected? Some shows can motivate people who are interested in that field and help them to pursue their dreams. If we see in detail the advantages of television has outnumbered the Smarter Children Watch The Beloved Tube words - 3 pages children, who watch television, as opposed to those that don't, talk at an earlier age. Researchers have been diligently studying this question for a long time, perhaps ever since the late s, when television became a popular fixture in the home. TV can connect you to the world and beyond. For example, it is difficult to express and understand how the letters of alphabet look like via a radio program, on the contrary through television program people will be able to better understand because they will not only be able to hear the sound but also see how the letter looks like. There has been an increasing trend in television viewership since the 's. Kids who see violent acts are more likely to display aggressive or violent behavior and also to believe that the world is a scary place and that something bad is going happen to them. Seeing this I thought to write a hub about its advantages and disadvantages.

Essay Topic: FilmTelevision Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! So while television might make you feel like you have a friend, it comes with its own emotional risk and negative emotional baggage.

There are also benefits including the ability to pay attention better, augmented comprehension, higher level vocabulary, and expressive language.

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With a television set in the house, a person can never get lonely. Disadvantages or advantages are relied on people, the viewer.

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Essay about Effect of Television Viewing on Child Development