Fsync-ing the write ahead log in sync threads

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If this fsync'ing a directory opened in read-only to commit. But, the critical section allows synchronization within the same process.

Note that you should check that this is in fact a dedicated physical drive, and not a logical volume with "lsblk" command.

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If the write thread tries to write and the read thread tries to read the same data, the data might become corrupted. Stop the entire cluster 2. Subversion fsfs is really easy - it only changes files through atomic renameso you copy all the files away Subversion bdb is a write-ahead log-based system, easiest way is "svnadmin hotcopy".

This does not typically happen unless the snapshot size is large enough to cause a heavy dirty page write-back.

The WaitForMultipleObjects is used to wait for multiple objects signaled.

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Re: Problems with running ZK on a shared disk