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He must assume the responsibilities and duties to the ancestors on behalf of the family. Then comes the Third Bardo, which is the state of seeking another birth. It is an important period which has an influence on the form that the rebirth shall take.

Another merchant spent the ten thousand baht insurance money received on the death of his small son entirely for religious ceremonies. For this reason the crematory in each large temple has no rival in secular society. Attitudes To Pain Relief Because awareness is thought to be important in Buddhist practice, and especially so around the dying process, many Buddhists will be concerned to ensure that pain relief does not leave them completely disconnected from what is happening to them. In this case a chapter of monks comes to the house one or more times each day to chant from the Abhidharma, sometimes holding the bhusa yong, a broad ribbon, attached to the coffin. Funeral Services The Buddhist tradition is very diverse and there is no single funeral service or ritual common to all Buddhists. Before the funeral procession begins the monks chant a service at the home and then precede the coffin down the steps of the house stairs, which are sometimes carpeted with banana leaves. The funeral ceremony, traditionally lasts over 49 days, the first seven days being the most important. Unlike Theravada Buddhists who teach how to become arhats perfect saints to obtain Nirvana, Mahayana Budhism Four Noble Truths Essay words - 2 pages insisted that salvation could not be found by teachings or by reading books. This teaches Buddhists that their lives are in their hands, they can improve it or not. Then comes the Third Bardo, which is the state of seeking another birth. This teaching is never in a stronger position than when death enters a home. By that time, two different forms of Buddhism had already appeared; Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism.

Frequently the bodies of prominent or wealthy persons are kept for a year or more in a special building at a temple. Each tradition believes that it is the best vehicle for Buddhists on their Path. In the second tradition, the prayer ceremony is held every 10 days.

The amount of time spent mourning in America is considerably less than that spent in Malaysia.

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It is a basic teaching of Buddhism that existence is suffering, whether birth, daily living, old age or dying.

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Buddhist Studies: Funeral Rites: Chinese, Tibetan, Thai, Laotian, Cambodian