Gen y in the workforce case study analysis essay

Gen y in the workforce case study analysis essay

Get Essay Whereas Generation X in the workforce believes in step-by-step work, and achievement of results. Generation X consists of approximately 55 million workers in North America.

how can sarah and josh work together more effectively?

So he came to CEO Sam directly and showed his ideas. After all, Generation Y is the next generation of workers who will ultimately be managing companies and determine if businesses succeed or fail.

The exact definition of Gen Y varies slightly from source to source. Generally, organization need to provide If Rising Entertainment employed some of those techniques, Sarah and Josh might be able to create a productive relationship based on mutual understanding. Sarah and Josh lack communication. To protect their self-esteem they coddled Millennials and given them awards for everything they did. To say that my generation is one of laziness and one of apathy could very well be true, but to say that we are like your parents and not driving Given Solution: Improve Communication Skills and Cooperate According to above analysis, I can draw the conclusion of the given solution: both Josh and Sarah should improve their communication skills. This group of people are much different than the older generations of employees. The latter, in its unrelenting quest, goes a step further and evolves to improvise, adapt and overcome. They are easier to reach given a proliferation of He also needs constructive feedback about his suggestions.

Managing generational differences has become an increasingly growing area. Messages have to appeal to them at multiple levels invoking them to want to know more about the brands and prompting them to engage in online research and peer input to solidify their thoughts and opinions.

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She believes in hierarchy and her role in the hierarchy. Sarah needs to coach him on being a team player and set clear expectations about performance and communication. Words: - Pages: 16 Gen Y Advertising Sarah was amazed to hear about this message from Sam and immediately asked Josh to her office. He fired off another quick text message. But, on the contrary, if we look at the Rising Entertainment, one of the top three multimedia production and distribution houses in the world, was in process of releasing the fourth instalment Fire Force Five-Ignition of the extremely successful Fire Force Five movie series. What defines a generation? Josh shot them both a look. Generation X is more self reliant, independent and technological adept, where as Generation Y is optimistic, determined, confident, and eager. Her superior believed her to be most qualified individual to fill the position.

They are the most high-maintenance generation to ever enter the work force" Breaux ,p

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Gen Y in the Workforce Case Study Analysis Essay Example