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Meanwhile Smackle fears that her intellectual capacity has been severely compromised. Farkle and Lucas were both called on to ask a question.

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But after the third meeting with the guidance counselor, when Smackle finds that her would-be suitor isn't in the slightest bit autistic, she suddenly becomes disappointed.

Cory then begins to think that this could be a legitimate possibility and asks Farkle if he's ever seen his birth certificate. Contents [ show ] Personality Farkle is shown to be kind, colorful, thoughtful, understanding and, according to Lucas, very loyal to his friends.

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Regretfully, in lieu of their usual round of trash talk, Farkle simply tells Smackle he hopes she enjoys being beautiful, and she fully assures him that she does. They were at the bakery with the girls. Lucas wants Farkle to be his vice president. Matthews reprimands Maya. In History class, Farkle can only watch with quiet interest, as the sudden attention Missy Bradford blatantly lavishes upon Lucas begins to drive Riley to distraction, causing her to leave the room. The librarian scared them. Some hours later, Farkle and school newcomer, Lucas Friar, meets Maya and the Matthews family at the Bleecker Street Station, to witness Riley receiving a Metrocard pass of her very own. Farkle confesses that he might well be, and that it does matter to him. Farkle is astounded to discover that a bored Maya had instead been sketching the view from outside the window, with extremely impressive Maya Refuses to Look results. Maya is quick to quench the sudden flame burning within their friend, but Riley sees no harm in letting him keep his delusion, even after Farkle emerges, still dressed in his costume, tap dancing with a cane. Later during History, Farkle is awakened from a nap which he had started while Maya verbally fenced with their teacher by And There Goes Virginia

Smackle observes that Farkle has not brought a guest, and further inquires if that means he is finally available, not that she cares about that matter. Farkle shows Lucas the engagement ring he was giving to Maya. Later, Smackle arrives at Topanga's to reveal that she spent a day giving Farkle a tour of Einstein Academy.

After failing to charm the "Wondrous Gatekeeper of the Knowledge," currently on duty, Farkle lets Maya lead him away to begin reading from a text entitled Tales of Human Interaction.

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Yet six days later, as the final debate begins, Smackle is still sporting her new look, as the girls explain to Farkle that Isadora rejected all their attempts to get her to resume her former self. For the sake of his plan to finally demonstrate to Riley just how much the two of them were actually alike, Farkle calculated that ceding yet another albeit minor victory to Smackle was a price he was willing to pay. They were assigned janitorial services together. Selecting Isadora Smackle 's home as the optimum choice, Farkle suspected she would agree to his request, but not without conditions. Girl Meets Boy That's Awesome. Lucas does, but is promptly led away to another spot by Missy to discuss their movie going plans, during which Missy coyly shows off her leg. Farkle defended Lucas about not judging a book by its cover. Riley and Farkle may be something of a darkhorse couple, but these two are playing the long game. When Riley points out that would lead to four of them to only one of him, Farkle can only comment, "That's awesome. Lucas went to the bakery to meet up with the gang.

Surprisingly, Riley accepts that admission with a smile, and makes a request of Farkle to teach her how to out flirt Missy, which he readily agrees to do. They found Riley's statement about how her friends make her better adorable.

Maya sees it as a cautionary tale of seeking out popularity, which Riley insists has no relevance to her situation. Maya is quick to quench the sudden flame burning within their friend, but Riley sees no harm in letting him keep his delusion, even after Farkle emerges, still dressed in his costume, tap dancing with a cane.

They both agree on who they'll each ask out. However, all she succeeds in accomplishing is activating the fire sprinklers above, dousing the entire room with water.

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"Girl Meets World" Girl Meets Farkle (TV Episode )