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You will be asked to conduct solid historial research for most course requirements. Introduction: Understanding the complexities of teaching history August 22 - August Seventh Edition.

You are permitted to miss one class before your grade begins to suffer.

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All information and documentation of disabilities are strictly confidential. You will not be required to do the reading or listening below, but it is suggested. Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History. Robb, Graham.

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How, ultimately, is history produced? You can add them directly if you're a Zotero user much faster! We will spend part of the class sharing your podcast presentations. Students learn to develop and support a complicated argument, employ proper paragraphing and transition techniques, and properly paraphrase, quote, and cite sources. I will e-mail you your paper directly after all assignments have been graded. All work for this class must be your own and completed specifically for this class and all materials consulted, paraphrased and quoted must be cited. Students will not only learn the events that make up the history of the Southwest, but also the basic analytical tools used by historians in their craft. All other readings will be available online. Clint Eastwood, Reading: Julia A. If you do join Zotero, I'd strongly suggest installing it in your browser or downloading the standalone app. Harvard has a good library guide to using Zotero here. Our job as educators is to sensitively teach these controversies, conflicts and compromises as we also nurture the dialog and encourage our students to join in and add to the debate. Robb, Graham.

If I have not received your essay after four days you will automatically fail the assignment. All work for this class must be your own and completed specifically for this class and all materials consulted, paraphrased and quoted must be cited.

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It's a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research. This final unit is designed to wrap up everything we have learned by presenting our lesson plans and receiving peer reviews, completing the online course evaluation and the exit survey, turning in the portfolio, and conferring with your professor about the final draft of your lesson plan. New York: Vintage Books, Click here to access the assignment. This unit focuses on understanding the controversies surrounding the teaching of history and introduces some methodological approaches to teaching history in the secondary classroom. Course Format: Class will meet once a week. The Man in the High Castle. Please check the website regularly; I recommend you set up an e-mail alert or subscribe to the RSS feed in order to be automatically alerted to changes. No accommodations will be granted in this course without notification from the Office of Disability Services.

Nancy Langston created the website and the Zotero group, and Davey Fousey collated the many suggestions in the twitter link.

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(DOC) Syllabus: History of the American Southwest