How to develop india

Crisil has noted another positive development - sustainability of nominal GDP growth. Priority for agriculture will help in maintaining our back bone steady.

Inabout 46, Indians out of 2. The total amount of black money deposited in foreign banks by Indians is unknown. Modernization and upgrading of the Armed forces and indigenization and self-sufficiency of the weapons system are among the government's priority areas.

write a paragraph on your motion of what should india do or achieve to become a developed country

As girls they are raised to work for and better their family. The Right to Information Act and equivalent acts in the states, that require government officials to furnish information requested by citizens or face punitive action, computerisation of services and various central and state government acts that established vigilance commissions have considerably reduced corruption or at least have opened up avenues to redress grievances.

Give priority for Agriculture Agriculture is the back bone of India. Especially sports field.

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PM Modi Is Right, India Could Be A Developed Country In One Generation