Importance of unity of muslim ummah

How could we achieve this unity? These forces saw the shift in focus of Muslim scholars and took full advantage of it. They found two local Muslim leaders in Najd area of Arabian Peninsula who were willing to fight against Khilafat-e-Islamiyah provided that the British give them power to rule the land.

They must stay away from the disputed topics.

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Muslims got divided into two groups and were very close to start a fight. In the eyes of Allah Almighty all Muslims are equal and no superiority is given to anyone on the bases of color, cast and creed.

After the declaration of Ahmedism as a separate religion, the Muslims are united and they did not see Ahmedism as a part of Islam. Although verbally they are refusing but it is evident that they have enmity with Islam and oppose it. We are among prominent people.

Instead of healthy intellectual discussions, our religious leadership started emphasizing on resolving the differences through force. After the disintegration of Ottoman Empire most of the Muslim countries became European colonies.

Under Caliph Uthman, the compendium of revelations from God to Muhammad was codified into the Quran, which contains the teachings and mandates about the lifestyle Muslims are supposed to lead through what are regarded as the literal words of God -- the ultimate unity of his revelations.

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The intellectual differences of opinions should be not be considered as a dispute but it should not be discussed on streets or during Friday sermons.

We have to attempt as a fresh.

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The Importance of Unity in Islam