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On 1 November he devoted his inaugural address to the need for reform and renewal in the Roman Catholic Church.

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Inthe Geneva Bible was released, an English translation that was the first Bible with theological notes in the margins. Calvinism With the possible exception of Martin Luther, no man has had a greater impact on the theology of the Protestant Churches today than John Calvin.

In lateCalvin became ill with a fever. Thomas Jefferson, The Jefferson Bible, page 4. This movement, which antedates the Reformationaimed to reform church and society on the model of both classical and Christian antiquity, to be established by a return to the Bible studied in its original languages.

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The Calvinist form of Protestantism is widely thought to have had a major impact on the formation of the modern world. At this same time, he wrote what has been hailed as the greatest apologetic for the Reformation, A Reply to Sadoleto.

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He spent much time in prayer and died quietly, in the arms of his faithful friend Theodore Beza, on the evening of the 27th of Mayin the fifty-fifth year of his age.

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John Calvin Biography