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Their business made is elaborate and has entered many businesses and even today look for different opportunities to explore and innovate. Welch sees the process of leading an organization in four simple steps: Start by working on yourself Encourage your people to take the initiative Use the brains of every worker Create an atmosphere where workers feel free to speak out Leading GE to glory When Welch became CEO of General Electric, what he found was a multi-layered hierarchical animal in which decisions were never made.

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What he wanted was for employees to be quick in making decisions but also be prudent. He was a believer of prioritizing values over figures. Stop Assuming When Welch joined GE, the company was assumed to be in good shape, but Welch saw a sinking ship and many troubles-the company was losing its market value and there was too much bureaucracy. Related Posts. If leadership is an art, then surely Welch has proved himself a master painter. Am I making it so much damn fun here? Identify your own strengths and weaknesses, so that you can build the best team around you. Sense of Integrity: For a large organisation like GE it is important to have a good integration between all the stakeholders involved.

Inevitably, the spectre of bankruptcy hung over the company like the grim reaper waiting to pounce. That's not the same if you're number four, and that's your only businesses.

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It is a shock to me. The growth stage is very fruitful for GE as revenues increased in multiples and later introduced Six Sigma for managing quality, cost and process which boost the company profits through an improvement in process and quality. Instead, the values include pleasing customers, disdaining bureaucracy, thinking globally and being open to ideas. This happened due to the powerful role played by the top management. Companies should encourage their employees to have their own opinions and think for themselves. The most influential of all being the most followed and admired leader of all the past GE leaders. Then you have to find strategic ways to get stronger. It is very evident that people who are performing have always been happy with Jack and his methods. He was more on these things than how much money was the company making. It is the indispensable ingredient of competitiveness.

He's a veritable leadership guru. Ironically, this leadership style contributed to making GE a manufacturing giant.

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Nothing could be further from the truth. This means a balance within the organisation even if we consider the way they are being rewarded. Jack Welch pushed his employees to be active members of the team and keep up with competitors. The company strategy is to find the finest talents in the world for heading their business units. Leaders celebrate While noting that leaders don't celebrate enough, the former GE boss advocates that leaders make a big deal out of small wins because "celebrating makes people feel like winners and creates an atmosphere of recognition and positive energy. Also, he reduced basic research. Each individual requires a unique approach. This is a message Welch has been espousing for decades. Suzy [Welch] and I traveled to conference after conference for a while after I retired from the company I was with, " Welch says, referring to his wife, a CNBC contributor. Every time he did so, he showed the same passion and enthusiasm for the GE mission and his vision of the future.

This, he says, drains trust right out of a team. He was far from being a micro-manager because he believed that members of the team should be given autonomy when it comes to decision-making.

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