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In other words, their perspective was that of completing a bourgeois-democratic stage of revolution, with the struggle for workers' power and socialism postponed beyond the horizon. Recognises that the Bolsheviks are a minority in most of the soviets against a "block of all the petty-bourgeois opportunist elements, from the Social-Cadets and the Socialist Revolutionaries down to the Organising Committee Chkheidze , Tsereteli , etc. In what way does this differ from riot-inciting agitation, from Russkaya Volya? By October they had a majority. What Lenin was attacking here was the Menshevik and Socialist Revolutionary Party assertion that, with the Tsarist autocracy toppled, it was now justifiable to argue to carry on fighting the war under the banner of defending the gains of the revolution—hence revolutionary defencism. This perspective was never put to the test—no provisional government ever came into being during the Revolution. I agreed.

The Mensheviks held to the view that the Russian Revolution would be a bourgeois revolution led by the bourgeoisie while the Bolsheviks believed that the Russian bourgeoisie was too weak and supine to lead a revolution against the Tsar and therefore that the workers would be forced to take the leadership role and bring about the bourgeois revolution.

No support to the Provisional Government; exposure of the utter falsity of all its premises, particularly those relating to the renunciation of annexations. They lost members to the Bolsheviks as the PG became increasingly isolated. The young comrades were less than delighted to see these influential new arrivals.

It is, of course, much easier to shout, abuse, and howl than to attempt to relate, to explain, to recall what Marx and Engels said inand about the experience of the Paris Commune and about the kind of state the proletariat needs. There are no two stages.

His continuity narrative insists that the Bolsheviks were already amply equipped both theoretically and strategically to take full advantage of the opportunities that opened up to them after the February Revolution. In the agrarian programme, the emphasis must be shifted to the Soviets of Agricultural Labourers' and Peasants' Deputies.

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