Marketing mix in insurance and banking services

Flow of activities: all the major activities of banks follow RBI guidelines. Expenses: The cost of processing, commission to agents, reinsurance companies as well as registration are all incorporated into the cost of installments and premium sum and forms the integral part of the pricing strategy.

Data and sources Only primary data collected for the study with well prepared questionnaire.

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It is a case of sourcing engineering. This is also to process the services to the end user in such a way that a gap between the services- promised and services -- offered is bridged over.

H There is no significant change in the profitability parameters of the private sector banks during the select period.

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Separate counters exist with clear indication. This is the more popular architecture as banks can quickly roll out their mobile banking solutions by connecting to a 3rd party. This is because of the rules they are subject to. This may be due to the managerial and administrative differences across various banks. Fortunately, that attitude appears to be changing. The organization possesses little target analysis, command and control or learning capability. What is Android? The physical evidences include signage, reports, punch lines, other tangibles, employees dress code etc. The appointment of a CISO, the creation and rollout of an enterprise security strategy, adherence to a voluntary certification program such as ISO and deployment of SIEM appear to lessen the total cost of cyber crime. Pal, Mukherjee and Nath studied the efficiency of 68 major Indian commercial banks for the year There should be a continuous research and development in IT security. It would be prudent that the LIC is allowed to pursue a policy of direct investment for rural development. Axis Bank ii. The boys company lost a large number of clients and took the bank to court.

For that reason, the hypothesis is accepted. On the other hand, authentication got last problem for using M-Banking system.

Marketing mix in insurance and banking services

The Insurance Marketing focuses on the formulation of an ideal mix for Insurance business so that the Insurance organisation survives and thrives in the right perspective. There is no significant difference between occupational status of the customers and their level of opinion about MIS. Today, the nationalized insurers have a large reach and presence in India. The development of human resources makes the ways for the formation of human capital. The application will ensure what services are to be provided to the customer. In short, the formulation of product-mix should be in the face of innovative product strategy. Disclosure of Privacy Principles to Customers Recommendations: Based on findings the following recommendations can be made: 1. Based on the banking services provided to the customer, the security of the infrastructure has to be built in. H There is no significant change in the profitability parameters of the private sector banks during the select period. International convention treaty across the globe could be a viable option. Mortality deaths in a particular area When deciding upon the pricing strategy the average rate of mortality is one of the main considerations. Installment schemes should be streamlined to cater to the ever growing demands of the customers. Standalone Mobile Application Clients Standalone mobile applications are the ones that hold out the most promise as they are most suitable to implement complex banking transactions like trading in securities. While recruiting agents, the branch managers need to prefer local persons and provide them training and conduct seminars.

Mobile Banking is Just around the Corner. The Group Insurance scheme is required to be promoted, the Crop Insurance is required to be expanded and the new schemes and policies for the villagers or the rural population are to be included. V14 is given in the table 1.

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The emblems of the three lions were carefully scanned and the seal was also craftly made along with residential address of Jammu and Kashmir. These servers will talk to the core banking servers of the bank through a secured channel dedicated or shared link for authentication, authorization and transaction processing. These cost elements highlight a significant cost-reduction opportunity for organizations that are able to automate detection and recovery through technologies like security information and event management SIEM systems. Finance companies and banks can emerge as an attractive distribution channel for insurance in India. Tangibles: banks give pens, writing pads to the internal customers. Information theft represents the highest external cost, followed by the costs associated with the disruption to business operations. She used the banks computer to do this. Private sector banks are oriented toward niche banking, unlike the public sector banks, which meet the mass banking requirements. The strategies adopted by the private sector banks are more in tune with those of the foreign banks, where emphasis is given to establishing superior benchmarks of efficiency, focusing on niche customers, providing impressive customer service and bringing about operating efficiencies by using high-end technology. The study period is restricted to five years. Conclusion In India, banks hope to maximize expensive existing networks by selling a range of products. Reactive and proactive security measure should run in parallel in the cyberspace to strike a balance in fight against cyber crime. Like the foreign banks, the private sector Indian banks recruit the finest manpower, employ state-of-the-art technologies and are oriented towards building a strong brand image.

The transformation of potential policyholders to the actual policyholders is a difficult task that depends upon the professional excellence of the personnel. Presently, Mobile Banking is being deployed using mobile applications developed on one of the following four channels.

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