Nanophase technologies

Nanophase technologies

This is an enabling aspect of these technologies, as it allows for the production of materials that can readily be dispersed in a wide variety of highly stable liquid and solid formats that are ready for customer use. This leads to particles having very high zeta-potentials and high dispersion stabilities. Nanophase CE is designed to meet the challenge of consistency without sacrificing the number of parts that can be produced per hour. The particles produced by these methods also tend to have low aspect ratios. These methods have been used to produce both simple and complex, multi-component mixed metal oxides. The summit combines market intelligence with panel discussions and industry presentations on the latest manufacturing advancements. In addition, Nanophase Chemist Abigail Hooper will present two papers on controlling the optical polishing process to improve competitive advantage and profits. Its Bismuth Oxide is crystalline, non-porous, non-agglomerated particles available in approximately 38nm mean particle size. The traditional and most common manufacturing methods used at Nanophase are plasma based. Nanoparticle Production Technology Nanophase uses an array of fully-scaled proprietary and patent protected technologies for the production of nanoparticles. Read More Nanophase Technologies Celebrates 25 Years of Nanomaterials Innovation November 18, Nanophase Technologies, a global leader in engineered nanomaterials for a range of applications, announced that the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary this November. This led to the opening of a new plant in Burr Ridge, IL. These manufacturing technologies produce discrete and non-aggregated materials which are both fully crystalline and fully dense.

The Company produces engineered nano and sub-micron materials for use in a range of markets, including personal care, including sunscreens, architectural coatings, industrial coating applications, abrasion-resistant additives, plastics additives, medical diagnostics, energy, and a range of surface finishing technologies polishing applications, including optics.

The technologies are designed to offer nanomaterial solutions for a targeted market or a specific customer application.

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Its Zinc Oxide is crystalline, non-porous, non-agglomerated Iron Oxide nanoparticles. Samples are now available.

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The company had transitioned to a manufacturing enterprise. The process was fully scalable, and Nanophase was now producing hundreds of metric tons of nanoparticles each year. Full Description Nanophase Technologies Corporation, incorporated on November 12,is a materials and applications developer and commercial manufacturer with an integrated family of materials technologies.

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Their growth over the next decade would be tremendous, transitioning from a purely conceptual space in Evanston, IL to a lab in Darien, IL when the need arose for fabrication capability.

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Nanophase Technologies