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It had eight lotuses representing eight provinces and a crescent moon representing Hindus and Muslims. InK. Hedgewar founded the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in NagpurMaharashtra, which grew into the largest civil organisation in the country, and more potent, mainstream base of Hindu nationalism.

Can an India in thrall to the narratives of nationalism foster a rigorous, clear-eyed reckoning of its situation, or does it see only what it wants to see?

Muslims have remained loyal voters of the Congress Party, seen as defender of Nehruvian secularism. The government-driven Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project, which launched inaimed to dredge a passage through limestone shoals between islands off the coasts of India and Sri Lanka.

Nature Ethnic communities are diverse in terms of linguistics, social traditions and history across India. And in the United States, a strand of conservatism has long mingled with Christian fundamentalism and the rejection of evolution. A case in point is the Aryan migration theory, which posits that the originators of Vedic culture — a significant component of Hinduism — dispersed into India around 4, years ago.

Ultimately, the Archaeological Survey of India, the supreme court and the parliament were drawn into the debate. The three economic effects of Non-Cooperation were : The boycott of foreign goods Liquor shops were picketed and Import of foreign cloth was halved as the public rejected it.

The book could have benefited from engaging with more contemporary discourse in regional Indian languages, including writing by and around four thinkers and writers whose assassinations in the past few years have been linked to the more violent fringes of Hindu nationalism.

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But as the examples in Holy Science show, the burgeoning complexity of this fusion in India is notable. The Muslim school of Indian nationalism failed to attract Muslim masses and the Islamic nationalist Muslim League enjoyed extensive popular political support.

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Science and the rise of nationalism in India