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Why does her father think she has wasted her education?

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He cannot read English words and spent all of his life working with his hands instead of his head. When Cisneros mentioned going to college in order to become a writer, her brothers laughed and mocked her efforts.

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We can see that Cisneros was worried about what her father would think, not knowing if he would respond positively or negatively to her writing.

These lack of emotions can effect a person, not only short-term, but also long-term.

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Her father constantly told Cisneros how he wanted her to grow up according to the Mexican culture. They can get a job and provide for the family, but the daughters are expected to stay home and cook and clean.

Being the only daughter left her to be by herself to think about things and start writing. Everyone thought that college was for men.

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The reader sympathizes with Cisneros and her countless efforts to make her father proud. This shows how anxious she must have been. He shook his head when she wanted to go to school to get an education but insisted that his daughter should use her head. Part of what was holding her back, was the low expectations the Mexican culture had for women. Sandra came home for Christmas with a Spanish translation. Her lack of acceptance and approval may have had long lasting damaging effects on Cisneros. Her culture should celebrate this fact, not discourage it. Cisneros emphasizes throughout the story how isolated her family made her feel. College was trivial for women unless they were looking for a husband. At one point during the essay, Cisneros tries to explain that her purpose for writing was for her father and people similar to her father. All her efforts to become a successful writer were to make her father proud and we can see that she never really gets that satisfaction.
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