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They have their doubts and anxieties about carrying out their mission, although for the sake of morale, they keep those doubts mostly to themselves. What a tough job it is to site Paradise Now on the spectrum of opinion that these two views imply.

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The film was shot entirely in Nablus, Nazareth , and Tel Aviv in , and the film crew and the actors were often right in the middle of the violence of the intifada. Of course, the horrible outcome is a tragedy. This is amongst the best of inernational cinema. And humans are often quite banal, but also funny and emotional. The film is steeped in paranoia. Said sneaks out of his house to see Suha one last time to say goodbye. However, things go wrong and both friends must separate at the Palestine border. I would like to see it as a double-bill with Katie Barlow's gut-wrenching polemic Visit Palestine; and screenings should be followed by debates on whether it is possible to enter into the minds of suicide bombers without mendacity or double standards, or losing sight of the fanaticism and horror of these daily tragedies - possible, that is, in the movies or anywhere else. Indeed the title of the film is itself satirical and ironic. Her scruples are raised in order to be, in narrative terms, superseded: the bombers are duly presented with the case for the defence - but a prosecution of some sort goes ahead.

Then, suddenly, everything in their lives change forever. Suha's vehement opposition to suicide bombings is in a way what makes the movie an uneasy experience. If you see the film, it's fairly obvious that it does not condone the taking of lives.

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When the leader of the terrorist group personally visits the two men, he seems less like a charismatic leader than a bureaucrat a little bored by this obligatory task. There is the videotaping of militant final statements, with each man holding a machine gun and reading from a script.

Paradise now review

Only words can do it. The film was shot in Nablus and Nazareth and captures some of the atmosphere. The Israeli Army intercepts them, and they are forced back through the Fence. The director and co-writer, Hany Abu-Assad, undercut any heroism of these young martyrs by presenting their everyday actions with moments of dark humor. Perhaps it might be. Inside the Palestinian terrorist group, any glitch in operations sparks instant certainty of betrayal from within. And as for what you say To make matters worse, the only way to actually shoot a film in Nablus about suicide bombers was to have the approval of the rival armed Palestinian gangs in the area, and sometimes approval by one group was countered by the disapproval of another. It also misidentified the intended victims of a rumored plot to sterilize men with contaminated water. Well acted. They are reasonably happy, and there are no scenes in which they are bulldozered by the Israeli military. Paradise Now takes its place in the traditional choreography of our liberal debate about terrorism: the question of whether the suicide bombings are justified is generally answered in the negative, though with the proviso that they have to be explained or contextualised. Said Kais Nashef and Khaled Ali Suliman , best friends from childhood, belong to a terrorist cell in Nablus on the West Bank that is about to undertake its first suicide mission in two years. Or is Israel ineligible for this lenient line of argument? I'm not sure it matters.

Ignorance is our only real enemy.

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Paradise Now Review