Plan for setting up a garment factory

Most often than not, big clothing labels ensure that they create great hype whenever they are about to release any design from their stable. Areas of Production Control: Despatching: Dispatching is an important step as it translates production plans into production.

Our source of income will be the manufacturing and retailing of a wide range of both casual and corporate clothes for both adults and children. Narrow you product profile as much as possible.

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Manpower is one of the primary resources for a business. Some of the preferred social media platforms that are used in the fashion industry are Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other sharing sites. We will also give good working conditions and commissions to freelance sales agents that we will recruit from time to time.

In the article, I have included links for your further reading to understand the business better.

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I have seen many newcomers are from different fields like IT professionals, bankers and HR professionals have started their business in this industry. Fig: Apparel industry Production Planning in Apparel Industry: To manage with the short lead time and small but frequent orders, apparel manufacturers strive to improve their production processes in order to deliver finished products within the expected time frame at the lowest production cost.

The objective of the capacity study is: To find-out the deviation between the actual rate of production to its capacity To evaluate the causes for lagging in the actual production To achieve the actual production closer to its actual capacity using proper methods and reducing the idle time There are various types of capacity available for a factory: Maximum capacity — Number of hours available in a given time under normal conditions.

To overcome these obstacles companies can change: From flow line production to production in cells, where there is more team work and more skilled labor, which saves time.

business model of garment industry
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Business Plan for Garment Manufacturing Start