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Signs saying no Jews allowed were hung outside of resorts and clubs. Many of the s arrivals were recruited to work in rural and isolated locations in Canada, but soon established themselves in the larger cities.

Winnipeg, Hamilton and Vancouver also have large Portuguese communities.

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People are now saying that immigration is Canada's only chance to fill its Similar Essays Immigration To Canada Essay words - 3 pages Immigration to Canada The first immigrants to the territory now constituting Canada were from Western Europe.

In the US Congress passed a law restricting the right to a number of social benefits only to US citizens. Thus, both were spurred on to naturalization for reasons that seem more instrumental than for reasons of participation and belonging to a community.

But some people in Canada argue that such increases would only serve to aggravate our unemployment problem and put added strain on the social welfare system.

Between andpersons immigrated; between and16 ; between and32 ; between and54 ; and in

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Immigration Canada: Portuguese Immigration to Canada