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Goering thought that Germany would then be ready to bring in the rest of their armed forces and invade Britain. The hunted, that very small minority although every squadron usually possessed at least oneturned to their escape kits and made quite sure that they were wearing the tunic with the silk maps sewn into a secret hiding-place; that they had at least one oilskin-covered packet of French francs, and two if possible; that they had a compass and a revolver and sometimes specially made clothes to assist their activities once they were shot down.

Momentarily reassured that nothing lethal was sitting behind my aircraft, I settled down to the task of firing at one of the leading machines.

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Particular tension between the British and Germans began to grow. Only when Beaufighters equipped with Airborne Interception radar A. A broad beam of radio pulses was transmitted, 'floodlighting' a vast area.

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Meanwhile the ramshackle invasion forces were slowly gathering in the Channel ports, where they came under attack from RAF Bomber Command, but preparations were far from complete. Hitler was right to be extremely cautious about launching an attack across the Channel without the British being on the point of defeat.

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I want all this skin to soften up a lot first. If he was inexperienced enough to try, he would find the British fighter behind him after a couple of circuits. For the previous month he had been content to wait and see if the Luftwaffe could defeat the RAF, and had made no effort to direct operations in the way he had during the attack on France. At the beginning of September, the Germans dropped some bombs, apparently by accident, on civilian areas in London , and the British retaliated by unexpectedly launching a bombing raid on Berlin. This gave them time to get their own planes in the air to help defend. Screaming at the top of my voice, I threw my intensity of the blast furnace temperature. Goering thought that Germany would then be ready to bring in the rest of their armed forces and invade Britain. There was a voice behind the mask.

I watched the bystanders who were beginning to disperse, some shaking their heads sadly before walking on to attend to their own affairs. A cursor is moved by the operator to the position of the trace, and this information is automatically passed to the calculating machine.

The whole manoeuvre however was a failure and in about two months of air warfare the Germans lost between two and three thousand planes, with some thousands of irreplaceable airmen.

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By means of a switch the goniometer can be connected to the height aerials and the process is repeated to enable the calculator to compute the aircraft's position and height. They felt that they were closing in on victory. The traces were displayed on a circular screen much like modern radar displays.

The other two groups were Number 10, defending southwestern England, and Number 13, defending northern England and all of Scotland.

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Essay on Why Britain Won the Battle of Britain