Reconstruction post civil war

Lincoln's Plan for Reconstruction Abraham Lincoln wanted to be lenient to the South and make it easy for southern states to rejoin the Union.

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What was the citizenship and suffrage status of freedmen? Some Northern states that had referenda on the subject limited the ability of their own small populations of blacks to vote.

As part of being readmitted to the Union, states had to ratify the new amendments to the Constitution. They passed the Military Reconstruction Acts ofwhich divided the South into five military districts and outlined how the new governments would be designed.

They also disrupted political organizing and terrorized blacks to bar them from the polls. Instead, the peculiar mix of racism, citizenship and novel taxation in the postwar years meant that reconstruction created a new mindset in American people: government activism to protect equal rights was socialism, and it would destroy America.

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These Reconstruction Amendments established the rights that led to Supreme Court rulings in the midth century that struck down school segregation. They were often called carpetbaggers because they sometimes carried their belongings in luggage called carpetbags.

African American soldiers mustered out at Little Rock, Arkansas Alfred Rudolph Waud Archived at the Library of Congress This drawing of African American soldiers returning to their families in Little Rock, Arkansas, after the war captures the exhuberant spirit of many former slaves upon gaining their freedom.

Other people, however, wanted to forgive the South and let the healing of the nation begin. They insisted federal support for widespread suffrage meant socialism.

Klan members attacked and intimidated blacks seeking to exercise their new civil rights, as well as Republican politicians in the south favoring those civil rights.

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The Reconstruction of America After the Civil War