Research paper for tawa tawa euphorbia hirta

Thus, this chapter discusses the summary, conclusions and recommendation about the study. Although, human saliva possess innate antimicrobial properties owing to the presence of trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide and lysozymes that eliminate unwanted or harmful microbes, including bacteria and maintaining their presence at a level that is manageable, it does not contain tanning-binding proteins mucin unlike tannin consuming animals that use proline-rich proteins PRPs in their saliva to inactivate tannins.

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Moreover, the major constituents and important chemotaxonomic markers are still ambiguous, and there is no indicator compound to characterize the quality of E. This is the reason locals on different geographic regions in the world find option to no specific antiviral therapy is available for the treatment of dengue Stuart, Cup - is equal to 8 fluid ounces in US Standard Volume.

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Medicinal plants and traditional medicine in Africa. Thus, decoction is more recommended than oral intake of crude extracts.

Research paper for tawa tawa euphorbia hirta

After the test the group A was treated with Euphorphia hirta tawa-tawa tea dipped of a cup half-filled with hot water or boiled tawa-tawa tea for about three 3 times daily for seven 7 days. Kerharo, J. Scope and Delimitations of the Study In this study, the researchers focused on the effectiveness of tawa-tawa tea in increasing the blood platelet counts. Philippines are one of the country that has many people died because of dengue viral disease. It is a common medicinal plant grown in Asian countries more particularly in the countries of Southeast Asia National Geographic, Dried the tawa-tawa by air or directly heat from the sun. Group A for Experimental Group Fig4. The researchers read previous Related Literature and Studies that had significant relatedness of the present study. It would mean that the effectiveness of the tawa — tawa is advisable to the victim of the thrombocytopenia though it is less effective. This should be done by the veterinarian. Therefore, it should be gleaned that tawa — tawa is effective. Phytoterapie, , Rees ecker reagent. This implies that decoction preparation can be taken safely orally since it did not exhibit any antimicrobial activity that may alter the normal flora of microorganisms in the body.

In fact, there was no zone of inhibition produced as the decoction preparation was tested on four 4 strains of bacteria Fig. The design involved a control group and an experimental group.

A mouse is best handled by picking it up by the base of the tail, then gently grasping a pinch of lose skin over the shoulder area between the thumb and forefinger to avoid harming it.

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