Social networking is a boon for today s generation

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While on the surface it appears social networking brings people together across the Internet, in a larger sense it may create social isolation. Key Facts and Figures: Init is estimated that there will be around 2. It makes our life so much easier and much more efficient. Social media engages people constantly and accumulate everyone in some or the other trending activity.

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With the help of my colleagues and children, I keep a tab on the new things happening on social media platforms be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

According to Amy Mitchell, "Facebook news users get more news from friends and family and see it as news they might well have gotten someplace else if Facebook did not exist.

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It also affects communication skill and socialising abilities. It enables a business to get new information about their customers and improve their customer services. Social media can give you fantastic returns if you use it positively, on the other hand, you can waste a big chunk of your time on social media if you are doing it just to pass the time.

Are we detached enough to pass a verdict on it? Social media has positive impact on teens in many ways.

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How Social Media is Impacting the Modern Day Youths?