Summary of bury my heart and

Cochise spent the next two years leading attacks on the Euro-Americans.

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To force the Indians to leave, the General ordered his men to kill their animals and then burn their fields. He died shortly afterwards.

Bury my heart at wounded knee chapter summary

After his men began to starve, he was forced to come back into the U. Instead he leads his Dog Soldiers on more war parties and is eventually killed. After a series of retaliatory assaults, a treaty is signed by the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa , and Comanche tribes which relocates them to the reservation south of Arkansas River. In an effort to maintain the peace, Black Kettle decided to agree to move his people south of the Arkansas River. Some of his men joined other Indian leaders who were not afraid to attack the white settlements. This results in the stationing of Apache guerillas in Mexico. The Kiowa chiefs are arrested and both the Kiowa and Comanche people are forced onto the Fort Cobb reservation. Kintpuash and his men fled but were later find and surrounded. He begged the U.

The book ends with the description of the Wounded Knee massacre. However, when he realized that white settlers were already violating the peace treaty, he began a guerilla war against the American army.

Summary of bury my heart and

Charles Eastman in working with tribe members. Santee chiefs, including Chief Little Crow, were killed during the following six months, and the remaining Santees are removed to a Missouri River and Crow Creek reservation. The entire tribe is eventually killed, to stop their raids on white settlers. In , the tribe signed a new treaty and were permitted to move back on their lands. After his men began to starve, he was forced to come back into the U. As a result, in , John Evans declared that there was a war among the Indian tribes and the white troops. Black Kettle, the Cheyenne chief, agreed to give up his lands and relocate to a reservation. Red Cloud worked both with the president and with Donehogawa to rewrite the treaty to be in his favor and then he returned home.

After that, the remaining Indians were forced to live in a harsh reservation, with no access to potable water and forced to live on land that did not produce any food.

One such chief was Red Cloud, leader of the Sioux. The Kiowas and Comanches were moved to a reservation after their chiefs, Lone Wolf and Satanta signed peace treaties with the US government.

He led raids on white settlements, but he eventually had to lead his followers north into Minnesota to escape punishment. As feared, Canby refuses to return the land to the Modocs, and he is killed by Captain Jack.

As a result, the Indians began attacking the railroads, destroying them and attacking the trains, stealing everything they could from them. While Eastman and patrician schoolteacher Elaine Goodale work to improve life for the Indians on the reservation, Senator Dawes lobbies President Grant for more humane treatment, opposing the bellicose stance of General William Tecumseh Sherman.

While the Indians tried to fight them off, they were unsuccessful and many tribes were wiped out as a result. Dull Knife and his tribe try to join Red Cloud, and they defy orders to return to their southern, buffalo-depleted reservation. Many Navahos die when they are forced to live at the Bosque Redondo reservation.

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Summary of Bury My Heart and Wounded Knee