Swot analysis ice cream shop essay

In consideration of the two factors, there is like hood that the product would sell regardless of the weather. InMr.

operational plan for ice cream shop

This can create problem for Indian manufacturers of Ice Creams if they cant match their quality and price with them.

Better and newer flavors 1.

Disadvantages of ice cream business

Roger V. The customer's attitude towards the product in Europe differs from the United States. This has the potential to slow down sales in the high-fat segment of the ice-cream market. Wall's Pakistan Marketing project Unilever. If we look at the Yummy Ice cream then they are not well endowed with technology. Urban people prefer to buy small packed products. In ice cream industry there is no any firm who has dominated the whole market. High End ice-cream to tap the higher income group also 2. Debt ratio and liquidity indicate that this financial crisis is temporary. And make contracts company buyers like airlines, restaurants and canteens.

So if Yummy wants to capture the market they must have the proper distribution channel like Walls and Omore. It is still not clearly established the rate of growth of the product in the market but there are expectation that the product will record a high growth rate. No Topics Page No 1.

Swot analysis ice cream shop essay

Fat Content: Contain at least 10 percent milk fat and 6 percent Page 14 Marketing Objectives…………………………………………………………………. These key points are: 1. Another issue is of the distribution channel. It helps get prospective customers' attention esp. The lower turnover rate also results in a better reputation of the company in terms of working environment. A lack of brand recognition when compared with national or regional franchises is another potential weakness. If we look at yummy then it is going with almost high long term orientation. Yummy is successfully operating as per local need they have both single packaged and family packed ice creams. They have a high visibility with locations to attract their customers and a monopoly of stores almost everywhere.

We have also some other regulations related to pasteurization, sterilization, cooling and production process.

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Swot B&B Ice Cream