The theme of dreams in of mice and men a novella by john steinbeck

Man vs. Racial discrimination was not illegal in s America, therefore racism was still very common at the time. The novella's conclusion suggests that the distinction between human society and nature—and between mice and men—is, perhaps, not so great after all. Analysis All George and Lennie are really hoping for is described here: a place where they feel they belong and do not have to leave.

Although dreams can be a source of strength for the characters, they contribute a great deal in their weaknesses, which is what leads to their fatal actions.

Don't make no difference who the guy is, long's he's with you. He truly believes that he and George will someday have their own farm with plenty of alfalfa and rabbits. The quest of George and Lennie, two migrant workers, is an example of the dilemma of thousands of homeless and unemployed men in America during the Great Depression era Ito Continue Reading. Their journey, which awakens George to the impossibility of this dream, sadly proves that the bitter Crooks is right: such paradises of freedom, contentment, and safety are not to be found in this world. As a result of this, Crooks never believes that society will ever accept him. One intriguing novel that exhibits his common themes is Of Mice and Men. This represents the hopelessness of men like them. Crooks describes how he has seen hundreds of ranch workers with the same dream but has never witnessed anybody succeed in perusing their ambitions. However, despite the simplicity of their dream, the way that George recounts this like a bed-time story or folk tale suggests that it will never really come true and they need to talk about it as a comfort rather than as a real plan.

The scene asks us to consider whether it is natural for George to kill Lennie for his own protection to "put him out of his misery"or whether the killing is an act of societal intervention.

This tension between strength and weakness is highlighted when Lennie, who adores delicate objects and small creatures, interacts with animals.

This was an era in which the economy collapsed; many Americans lost their jobs, therefore leading into a lot of poverty and despair. In scenes such as this one, Steinbeck records a profound human truth: oppression does not come only from the hands of the strong or the powerful.

Both Crooks and Candy see the dream as a way out of their otherwise inescapable unhappiness.

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Today, this time, the 's, is branded the Great Depression. The hopes and aspirations that are established as a result of the American Dream and the difficulties for characters to obtain their desires is a central theme throughout the novel.

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Any type of essay. The American dream for George and Lennie, two of the main characters in Of Mice and Men, is to have a place of their own, to be respected, and to work hard for everything they earn and deserve Well, I tell you, you all stink to me… well, what do you want? Debt and homelessness was also very common during this period as people had to travel around America in order to find work. Moreover, having dreams, and goals, brought the characters happiness. Crooks has witnessed countless men fall under the same silly spell, and still he cannot help but ask Lennie if he can have a patch of garden to hoe there. From the very beginning of the Novella, we are presented with two characters- George and Lennie, and there is an obvious theme of loneliness as we see how George mothers Lennie Loneliness is present throughout this novel. How true is this for the characters of Mice and Men. To innocent Lennie, the dream is a concrete plan. As a result, he is bitter and he has isolated himself from everyone. This suggests that the dreams that men like them held during this period in America were hopeless. Throughout the Novella, there is a consistent theme of loneliness that reflects on each character individually and affects their lives, hopes and dreams.

As one of his dreams was to have a friend, he compromised and he let Lennie accompany him while the others were gone. Lennie and George, who come closest to achieving this ideal of brotherhood, are forced to separate tragically.

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The Theme of Dreams in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men