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Ultrasonic testing Ultrasonic testing is an ultrasonic inspection of materials for the purpose of detecting defects such as discontinuities of materials.

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Reference standards are required for both equipment calibration and the characterization of flaws. Inspection of some complex geometries may be challenging.

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The scanner, which consists of a frame with magnetic wheels, holds the probe in contact with the pipe by a spring. In reflection or pulse-echo mode, the transducer performs both the sending and the receiving of the pulsed waves as the "sound" is reflected back to the device. Phased array technology originally developed for medical diagnostic imaging is used in industrial situations to create cross-sectional pictures. How accurate is ultrasonic thickness gaging? The sound energy is introduced and propagates through the materials in the form of waves. When there is a discontinuity such as a crack in the wave path, part of the energy will be reflected back from the flaw surface. The transducer is typically separated from the test object by a couplant such as oil or by water, as in immersion testing. History[ edit ] On May 27, , U. The following pages present information on the science involved in ultrasonic inspection, the equipment that is commonly used, some of the measurement techniques used, as well as other information. The ultrasonic vibrations pass through the specimen and are reflected by any discontinuities which may be encountered. Reference standards are required for both equipment calibration and the characterization of flaws.

In attenuation or through-transmission mode, a transmitter sends ultrasound through one surface, and a separate receiver detects the amount that has reached it on another surface after traveling through the medium. History[ edit ] On May 27,U. What other types of instruments are available?

Ultrasound examination is a mandatory procedure for manufacturing and operation of numerous critical parts, such as aircraft motor parts, main pipelines or rails.

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