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They made their home in the south and east of the island, pushing out the Celtic Britons who were there before them, or making them speak the English language instead of the old Celtic languages. All languages constantly evolve. As companies grow and become international in character, both with staff drawn from different countries and global clientele, it becomes vital to overcoming internal and external barriers, be they linguistic, cultural or personal. English literature has many famous stories and plays. When William the Conqueror took over England in AD, he brought his nobles , who spoke Norman , a language closely related to French. The closest language to English that is still used today is Frisian , spoken by about , people living in the Netherlands , Germany and Denmark. It is a close family of dialects , some of which are as different as Romance languages are from one another.

This can make it a difficult language to learn. Most of the languages have a written form. In most languages, English being one, the syntax or order of the words can change the meaning: "the cat sat on the man" is different from "the man sat on the cat".

There's a theory that this absurd sub-dialect developed because legal clerks, who used to write such stuff out long-hand, were paid by the line.

Chinese is the language with the most native speakers in the world, but Chinese is not really a language.

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You can choose larger characters for the entire website: Press the "Ctrl" key or "Strg" on German keyboard. If you enter one or several words and click on the white arrows next to the box, a new page will open. Our mission is to support people who have acquired their professional and vocational qualifications outside Germany. In the United States , some words are spelled differently from the way they are spelled in the United Kingdom and many other countries such as those of the British Commonwealth where English is the main language. I get such texts under my hands now and have to write them too. I'm much more interested in distinctiveness of style Wodehouse, Amis, Roth, Sterne than in any preceding notions of the words they should use to do it. This page lists references to other pages which feature the word you entered.

I get such texts under my hands now and have to write them too. English grammar has also changed, becoming simpler and less Germanic.

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