What is your reaction about the law in the philippines

It is your right and obligation to do so, because we are in the democratic nation and there can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.

New constitution

This, however, does not hold true for small-time vendors in the Philippines, like year-old Meanne Reyes, who has two kids. The BOL is an important step forward, but multiple challenges remain, including possible objections to its constitutionality, a forthcoming plebiscite scheduled for late January and early February , and the actual establishment of the new autonomous entity. It did little to reform dysfunctional food and agriculture policies, and could have done more to strengthen anticorruption institutions and to pass a freedom of information law. Under Duterte, the official estimates of drug use have increased significantly—suggesting that they were either understated before or are being overstated now. The Commission on Human Rights has limited authority and a small staff and budget. But to focus only on Duterte fails to appreciate two other important elements: the extent to which this degradation has happened through nominally legal means, and the limited pushback to date by groups and institutions opposed to strongman rule. He may not offer the clearest policy, but he puts forward the sincerest discourse of sympathy. As historian Alfred McCoy has shown, Philippine presidents and local officials have used the police as an essential tool to assert their authority, bolster their legitimacy, selectively fight crime, and control dissent. Is Duterte a Populist? Every presidency is tainted by corruption to a greater or lesser degree. Here, it was proven that citizenship really matters, especially if you are enthusiastically wanted to serve your country. Today, the powers granted to the president and the military during martial law are limited in ways that did not exist when Ferdinand Marcos used martial law as the foundation for his dictatorship. Benigno Aquino Jr. Dahil mas mahal na 'yung pakete, binawasan ko na lang 'yung pagbili ko ng supplies.

What will happen to people like me who have no fixed income and depend on sidewalk vending to earn a living? Uber to gauge impact of new taxes first Trickle-down effect Agapito, who earns P30, monthly, will save P3, a month because of the new withholding tax rates.

In Novembera Regional Trial Court issued the first legal judgment against the PNP, finding three policemen guilty of murdering Kian Delos Santos, a seventeen-year-old the policemen claimed was a drug runner who resisted arrest. At the same time, other policies of his are anathema to the left: the human rights abuses associated with the drug war, his empowering of the PNP and the armed forces, his threats to declare martial law, and his decision to break off peace talks.

However, the degree of alienation should not be overstated: few Filipinos ever go to court, and surveys indicate that the judiciary and the police both enjoy moderately high approval ratings.

Under the proposed constitution, the Philippines will shed the unitary, centralized form of government it currently has in favor of a federal setup, not too dissimilar from that of the U. The outcome of these elections—and particularly, the future composition of the Senate—may determine whether Cha-Cha will be revived in the next legislative term.

What is your reaction about the law in the philippines

However, this could change if businesses feel that they are being hurt by poor macroeconomic management or excessive cronyism or corruption. During the early s, the anti-government started doing rallies concerning the increase of price of gasoline and basic commodities, presence of US Military bases in the Philippines, foreign control over economy, corruption in the government and widening the gap between rich and poor. A variety of influential institutions, including the Catholic Church, many schools and universities, and most of the media, embrace and promote democratic norms. Under Duterte, progress on the political and security front has been mixed. Is there a law or a section in the Philippine Constitution that they can utilize in order to grant their wish—which to become one of the Filipino citizens? Survey data also showed a complex trend during the Aquino administration: fewer people were victims of crime, but more were worried about encountering drug addicts. However, the political impact of civil society is reduced by partisan and ideological differences, the narrow focus of most CSOs, and inadequate financial and human resources. But as a term intended to categorize a particular approach to politics and governing, populism is frustratingly expansive. Protecting means that human rights violations should be prevented and if they exist, immediate action should be made.

Two and a half years into his presidency, it is both warranted and possible to assess what has and has not changed under Duterte. Given the attention that human rights organizations and the media have paid to the drug war, it is worth looking more closely at the reasons for it and some of its broader consequences.

But what he did not expect is a higher monthly household bill that would offset the gains he would receive from the newly-implemented Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion TRAIN law.

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Through a number of policy incentives as well as strict supervision by the DILG, the priority at the barangay level has now become the monitoring and surveillance of drug suspects and the rehabilitation of drug users who have surrendered. Every contribution counts.

Just Hardball Politics as Usual?

Evolution of constitution

But to date his core fiscal and macroeconomic policies are more neoliberal than populist. In recent years, the AFP appears to have become more professional and less political, but all presidents still cultivate the support of the AFP leadership. Even as he criticizes some members of the political and business elite, in practice he has allied himself with powerful members of the political establishment—most notably Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the Marcos, Estrada, and Villar families. He sees the country as beset by existential threats of drugs, crime, and corruption. In answering these questions, it is important to start by recognizing the sources of democratic resiliency in the Philippines. The Duterte presidency is fundamentally different from post administrations in its unrelenting use of intimidation to weaken any challenges to its authority. But that is not the full extent of the damage being done to the Philippine polity. Ang taas nang itinaas. Duterte has already endorsed the draft, but the Philippine Congress is not under any obligation to adopt it in its current form. Disabling Democratic Checks and Balances As a former mayor, Duterte is used to governing by decree and by dint of his personality, popularity, and unrivaled authority. The Commission on Human Rights has limited authority and a small staff and budget. He appointed a twenty-two-member Constitutional Commission, and received its proposed draft constitution in early July Essay Topic: Law The declaration issued under Proclamation suspended the civil rights and imposed military authority in the country.
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