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Still sometimes referred to as traditional business attire, a business professional dress code means that you have to show a professional appearance each day, showing a little bit of personality through more color choices and accessories. Professional dress, one study found, increases abstract thinking and gives people a broader perspective. The obsessive stipulations detailed everything from the sensible "If you wear a watch, it suggests reliability and that punctuality is of great concern to you" to the downright invasive employees were instructed on how to shower and apply lotion, how to wear their underwear, and told not to eat garlic during the week. Is your CEO wearing a formal business suit? Make sure that you stay with the basics to guarantee that you are always appropriately dressed. I enjoy networking. Nattering on about your talents for too long can make you seem arrogant or self-absorbed. This guessing game distracted me from his answers and from his credentials. There are a number of categories to consider; there is formal business attire, which is the typical dress code that is used for high-profile jobs and businesses that cultivate formality. It should be solid colored, patterns such as pinstripes can be acceptable. I quickly explained that this is not the case in the North American business environment.

Your polish indicates that you think the interview and potential employer matter and that you respect them and the situation. Lay out your clothes and accessories so that there is no last-minute panic about your outfit.

Well, it should flatter your body and it should draw attention to portions of your body you would like to highlight, like your shoulders, chest, or face. This will help guide the rest of the conversation, set you up to answer questions intelligently and ask solid, informed questions of your own.

Do not look at the display window and do not answer it to explain that you cannot talk at that moment.

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Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites. Stand and shake hands with the person who comes to escort you into the interview.

But it can also come off as stuffy and resistant to change, which may be inappropriate for a tech startup.

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Make sure you avoid politics or anything potentially controversial. That's when the brain makes millisecond judgements based on new stimulus. Can You Overdress for Success?

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Dress Codes: What to Wear at Work (and What Not)