Write an equation for the line in point slope form and slope intercept form

It's going to be equal to negative four.

equation of a line

Now let's say we also know, we also know that when X is equal to six Y is equal to one. And this right over here is our classic, this right over here is our classic point-slope form.

The y-intercept when X is equal to zero, Y is going to be equal to Negative eight over two is equal to negative four.

Write an equation for the line in point slope form and slope intercept form

Please accept "preferences" cookies in order to enable this widget. To fully apply point-slope, or to apply point-slope easily, we just have to figure out the slope. That's our change in Y. We want to find what the value of x is when y equals We have the same linear equation, but it's now represented in slope-intercept form. The answer is to identify what you know and what you want to find out, and see which form uses those terms. This means the rate of change, or slope, is This point right over here is the point six comma one. You can get the same answer either way, so use whichever method works more comfortably for you. This will help us to figure out when he will have saved up enough to buy the MP3 player. Sometimes people say rise over run. And I'll just switch some colors.

You should also replace x1 with the known x-value -1 and replace y1 with the matching y-value 5. And now, if we just want to isolate the Y on the left hand side, we can add nine to both sides. We know that the slope between any two points on this line is going to be negative four. Remember, the point slope form is.

Are you wondering where that m came from? I've already answered this one, but let's look at the process. We have the point, sometimes they even put parenthesis like this, but we could figure out the point from this point-slope form.

And point-slope form is very easy to generate if you know a point on the line, or if you know a point that satisfies, where the X and Y coordinates satisfy the linear equation, and if you were to know the slope of the line that represents the solution set of that linear equation.

And we've plotted that point there. So, unless your text or teacher specifies the method or format to use, you can and should!

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How to Convert Point Slope Form to Slope Intercept Form