Yes is the right word

As other reviewers noted, Ms. They are sometimes classified as a part of speech in their own right: sentence words or word sentences. But I don't know if that was his own drunken thinking or what.

When you use the imperative form in an active voice, you minimize the number of words and make the button label easier to scan. They are sentence-modifying adverbs, adverbs that act as modifiers to an entire sentence.

At that time such works were usually translated from German by non-Latvians that had learned Latvian as a foreign language. If an heretique falsely translate the New Testament into Englishe, to make his false heresyes seem the word of Godde, be his bokes worthy to be burned?

Latin[ edit ] Latin has no single words for yes and no. In a three-form system, the affirmative response to a positively phrased question is the unmarked affirmative, the affirmative response to a negatively phrased question is the marked affirmative, and the negative response to both forms of question is the single negative.

In essence, yes and no were the responses to a question posed in the negative, whereas yea and nay were the responses to positively framed questions.

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To this questyon asked in thys wyse, yf he will aunswere true Englishe, he must aunswere ye and not yes. But in responses to negatively phrased questions they are prefixed with ba i.

Dutch has jajaweland nee.

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Better Ways to Say Yes, No, Maybe, and I Can't in English